Why does it have to be a piece of my heart? Why not brain or liver or hand?

I have often wondered
if emotion and cognition
come from the same part
of the human body
i.e. being the human brain

Why is it that people don’t say I’ll
take a piece of your brain with me
wherever I go?

When people say I’ll take a piece
of your heart with me wherever I go;
my response, and first inclination.

think about VanHelsing
and a very large spike, wooden one

Various parts of the human body
obviously allow for different
types of function to be able
to work together
in one cumulative whole.

Can you imagine various scenarios
where you would be taking
other pieces of someone with you
not physical pieces, not in poised
Jack the Ripper demeanour
on a metaphorical spiritual level.

Something immensely non-tactile

Ie: you are someone who is paired
with another, who enjoyed hiking;
every outdoor activity around either
a hike or Portage. [God knows why
anyone would want to would want
to hike or Portage Lakes – – it’s
bloody torture!]

Perhaps in this instance, one would
say I am taking a piece of your big toe, (or even you can make it cuter)
sole wherever I go.

Or, let’s say, in fact you had another, and this other enjoyed 40s and back-to-back shots of bourbon.

Would you then say with onset liver
cirrhosis diagnosis, ‘I’m taking a piece of your liver with me’.

And yes,
of course,
we need to add more
into the mix.

Hands, in the fashion
of Camille Claudel,
a paired sculpting duo;
it makes no difference
if the sculpting media
resigned in clay,
or with parchment & squid ink,
or everything spilled all
over the page from a lover’s

Sounds bonkers
completely BONKERS
the reality is there are different
morsels of flesh with intertwined
soul we carry,
with each adventure.

If reflection is focussed
on diligently,
with a honest cortex.

Body and soul uncloaked;
there is no room to hide,
bubbles to its surface
acceptance of my ugly and beauty bring brings one to peace.

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