Merlin’s Mushrooms

Merlin’s presence as a panicle
Wizard, throughout the centuries
has housed a reputation
throughout fantastical words
created to inspire and teach
what happens when Merlin
crumbles in a picosecond
in the manner of a worthless
woman — his one true mate

Reckless doesn’t persist
frustration peaks; hope is snuffed
completely, poof, nonexistent
every single human who is of
consequence has maimed
me beyond compare

Reality check: no one gives a crap
(Author’s note, not in the mood
to swear.) agendas are
cemented, cracks
start to persist

Nimueh, calls to me
possessed with an evil
plan that courses
through the vienless
is that better? Is that what
is desired, all sparkles
gag, and bound

To house a voice is a gift
if that voice releases
shh, come closer,
place your ear to the digital
implement, I need to whisper
if that voice let’s go
left to fall, imagine the movement
of psychotic lips at the ready
to submit — now, imagine
the sparkle in the optic to diminish
stitched lips with heavy wire
silenced, frightened, and
unequivocally unable
to orally communicate

Broken perception
on the floor, screaming, naked,
and afraid



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