Palm vs Willow, and Banyan Explored

Annihilation, induces a verity of sorts, amidst an Enchanted Forest of various trees who offer within themselves, a specific level of foliage, in some instances, these bundles can be classified as familial units of MAGNIFICO Ohana.

Some, chaos ensues, slice extract souls from their circle. One million reasons, sometimes it’s completely inconsequential; when the freshly sharpened blade of the guillotine pierces the flesh, of the formally adored. To reside in loud darkness; unable to understand one factor, a bond similar to the lifespan of an oak tree arrives from a little acorn. Struggles, disparities, adversity, when some thing, so impenetrable, and so truthful manifests through various weather, snow rain, freezing rain, toxic rain, insane pain. In life things always start small, perhaps I should add perspectively small; because, let’s face facts.

Juxtaposition exposed, the birth of a human baby, and that of a baby elephant; side-by-side comparison, does highlight perspective and environment. How it must be sought in order to consider various lenses.

I think, if I were to be a tree, I would not be a palm tree. I would not slice those I adore, regardless, acceptance is something that formulates in my mind.

A plethora of incomprehensible instances, others are unable to understand. I accept human beings completely — REGARDLESS.

What grates most, BIG BLOCKS of trust, that gently fall upon a MASSIVE plate of sentence, spaghetti. In life resiliency is a vital asset, the one who survived counts for something, seeing through bullshit, still loving counts for something. Being truly understood, counts for something WONDERFUL!

The only person to really hold onto is you. Deep down in your core.

Although, whenever you’re ready to share who you are, I’m ready to share, I think I would classify myself as a Banyan tree, routes below the surface, communicate on a whole, that offers transcendence, and more passion than a night a f@cking ever could.

Appreciate imperfections, perfectly smoothed armor, lovely, and in existence with beauty that matches Dorian Gray in his prime. Let’s just ignore the picture that’s hiding in the back of the closer.

This armor, the strong armor, unable to penetrate, the validity and sacrifice of a living a passionate life.

My magical life, spans world with roots and wings in the fashion of the Banyan tree. With the capacity to grow and extend its roots around the land is the same fashion which I do so. To convince anyone on this planet and what tree their Ohana is takes away from the dignity of choice.

I do know this, those who love me fully, completely, and have never abandoned me; I know my life to pieces of fragile ground encased in Sacred Earth is around my roots.

I extend to discover who I am and what I truly want. Not quite a half life lived till midlife, but when they could’ve been lived more fully one that now fosters an appreciation of true intense passion, something people think they can handle.
Something people think they can change or alter, the truth is, it’s still the same, same beliefs, same, truths, same understanding, same need for a true open mind to be able to pursue a course of action conducive to pure f@cking bliss.

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