Frankenstein\’s Pheomedu

Now, where is that blessed book? Yes here is it: Lady Jane Grey.A swift push at its hand-stitched pseudo-leather cover & VictorFrankenstein\’s secret laboratory lies exposed. Igor, his servant,spent the last hour & a quarter lighting all 200 beige bees waxcandles. Prior to Dr. Frankenstein\’s decision to work on humans, he found delight with creaturesContinue reading “Frankenstein\’s Pheomedu”

American Inc. Introspection

American Inc., the NO record, I Want To Die  I\’ve literally not reviewed any music for months now, so when the opportunity arose for me to grab my favourite pen & notebook I think — I may have been a little too giddy! Just a quick backstory, last year April, when I was still writingContinue reading “American Inc. Introspection”