Emotions escape their guilded oubliette

Furnished with love
completely unaware
the well was poisoned
an undoing
brought from the most intense
fear and trepidation

Humans are indeed fractured
reject the psychic bond
for something physical
and cheap

Hmm, a little shaded illumination
lined with darkness
trajectories bounce
from wave length
to wave length

Perhaps some tapestry tethers
should not be mended
sliced with a fancy
antique guillotine
denied the truth

Manifested lies
of honest phrases
disconnected threads
not enough to mend
or even tie the ideal
death knot

Not a human death
the one where silence
invokes an annoyance
that demands attention
in a VERY
The Princess & the Pea
kind of way

Or even better,

Poor strong lion
with the tiniest thorn
in his MASSIVE paw

Or, better yet,

In the manner Eustace
necessarily transformed
into a dragon

Each hits pride
nothing false here
just drastically sad

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