Slow the f*ck down

Deep breath
slow breath
slow down thoughts

slow down the optics
read, word, for word,
no distractions
no miscommunications
only the appreciation of clarity

slow down
allow things to marinate

slow down
ears occupy an imbalance
of thoughts

slow down
impulse does not relent
it is important
it be slowed down

thump thump thump
is reduced a quick paced
tick tick tick
thoughts persist
quarter notes
into eighth notes
the pace quicker

Mind fresh, every single
inch of my body radiating
goosebumps and it’s not even cold
my temperature rises
the thought of a pen in my hand
fresh piece of paper at the ready
and all the cognition I can squeeze
out of my body, galvanizes me
to a bulletproof state

Almost issues that weighed
in my core still exist
blend into the already mixed hued
palette in my brain — the child
who sits in the closet, a Walkman
with a mixed tape that signifies
each important track

A plethora of those tracks
riddled with abandonment
in this quiet moment

Hell yeah, that abandonment
emotions that arrive
at decomposing flesh

what’s destined will happen

allow me to not suck

Eighth notes
focus on a whole rest
allow your body to lay
quiet, peaceful, happy

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