An open dialogue between a wolf and his maybe prey

Conversations take place
all the time

Who will be the predator
and prey, for the purpose
of this poem
let’s twist things around

A lone tiny sheep walks
in front of a Sigma
curious, fearless, and queries
“What would you like to do to me?”
green eyes immediately
focus on this newly sheared sheep
not a single patch of wool
with the perfect body
size for an ideal

The Sigma’s mouth begins
to water instantly while
he briefly assesses
this snack which literally walked
brazenly to request his desire,
animalistic intents persists
a myriad of options reside
in the wolf’s brain

The sheep’s optics
blinked quite a few times
think, cartoons of the 80’s
blinking, a genuine smile,
and the ability to patiently
wait for an answer
silence persisted
for several moments

The mouth of the wolf
started to open, then quickly
closed in a paused thought
before these words were spoken:
“Why do you want to know
what I would like to do to you?”

The sheep replies in a soft spoken
tone: “I’m curious; I want
to know what your thoughts are.

Will you completely
devour me whole,
would you take your time and play
with me until I relent,
do you even
want to taste me?
Look at my
flesh, I’m perfect
at this exact moment.
And I’ll ask again;
what do you want to do to me?
I really want to know.”

The wolf walks right to the sheep
wide smile, tongue hanging out,
and eyes that say: “hell yeah
to all of the above…”

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