I danced at 3:00am!

My sadness, exorcised
from my body — midnight
micro poetry “A Broken Girl”
no longer resides in my core

My arms extend, I prepare
for fifth position before
I allow myself to release
the most beautifully executed
pirouette, although indoors
the icy air moved around me
my mind silenced
the negative voices


My chest rises and drops
accelerated breath
heightened racing heartbeat
open thought pathways
no more thought corpses
to crash and diminish me

History can never be rewritten
it can only offer a solid perspective
of lived choices, a lifetime
of pro & cons lists, negativity
to fill the greatest crevasse
with an opportunity
an attempt to fill it with MIRTH
a nice warm glow

An energy that comes deep
within my body, I refuse
to be an accessory to the crime
of self annihilation

No longer will I be in Tartarus
at the mercy of Cerberus
and Hades

The only place I’ll be
is within my mind

It’s incredible
the power that exists
inside one’s being

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