Only one granule from the hourglass, and a billion from Luna’s night sky

I began to read 
    Zen & the Art 
of Motorcycle Maintenance 
     within the first few pages
  I notice the subject of ‘time’ 

To contemplate a profound present 
    with such intensity every 20 seconds
compound energy upon 
          compound energy upon 
                 compound energy 

   About the amount of output 
      & thought I place into thorns 

     They are pretty interesting 
            in nature don’t you think? 
     The curve and point cause
         immense pain  
     although the protection 
         it offers prevents 
                 on the indigo 

    If I were a rose 
         I would not be worried
    about my beauty or elegance 
      I would concern myself with 
         human hands who attempt 
     to maim me, and their swift
          micro sliced demise 

   There is nothing in beauty 
         without fortification
     those in our world 
    we would crawl 
        on shards of broken 
  Murano glass for 

   Frustration brews 
      each granule of sand 
   a memory or story 
       of defeat 

    However, I prefer to think of the thorns 
        as stars in the sky, more than any 
              amount of sand on the ENTIRE Earth
      To appreciate thorns
     for their unique 
     of cognitive 

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