Cemented Ink, Episode 2, Happiness is overrated with Luke Young

I have been following Poet/Bartender Luke Young since his first appearance on Instagram; his writing is sacredly honest to me. You will soon be exposed to the roller coaster ride of our conversation which goes from: poetry, Cambodia, shrunken heads, Canopic Jars, Vegas, and breast milk. Plenty of eclectic juxtaposition.

Cemented Ink, Episode 2, Luke Young

Hokum (Las Vegas, NV)

Filtered air
Lightheaded and giddy
Strolling across desert carpets
Patterned after unknown vines
The clash of electronic sound
Mumbled conversations 
Starched clean with bowties
Hollow eyes
Rejected sleep
Chasing coffee 
While being watched from glass blisters 
Judging movements 
Glances and twitches 
Waiting for a sign 
A cheater cheating a scam
Everyone out for their buck
A holy calling in a barren oasis
Between stark mountains
Where lies Virgin Peak
Pointing at Wilson Ridge
Asking for her children to rest
To wipe the sand out
From the corners of their eyes

*Photograph Credit Luke Young 

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