Cemented Ink, Episode 1 with Mary Bruno

I am so over the moon to share my first episode of Cemented Ink with the Founder of Bruno Press, Mary Bruno; we discussed numerous subjects throughout this podcast which I have referenced for you below to follow along.

Also, kindly note in the middle of this interview to honour the release of Tony Moore’s Let Your Heart Begin to Sing, today Tony has graciously allowed me to share it with all of you today; moreover, that fun music you heard at the beginning at the end is also courtesy of Tony.

Enjoy the audio & optic feast!

Cemented Ink, Episode 1, Mary Bruno

“A product of soft-spoken parents, I came out fighting.” Mary Bruno

* Photo credit Mary Bruno

And the poem I mentioned I was going to write… here it is…

Inked and ready for the world 

Please touch me
     I want you to feel 
the textured parchment 
   I was pressed into 

    I was designed by Mary Bruno 
  you know, if you ever sliced her open 
   as writers would bleed letters and syntax 
Mary would spill typeset letters 
      and printers ink 

   Sit down, pour a whiskey
       listen, to my origin story 
   I was printed on an antique press
      before anything was placed onto me 
   the machine had to be prepped 
         although before that inks 
              need to be blended 
                  for the cool hues  
                     you see all over me 

     The ink is placed in small globs 
   on the roller, and then the magic happens 
        imagine this for a moment please 
    a large storm cloud, that becomes thinner 
       and thinner, as it is squeezed through a roller 
            a colour that spreads all over 
                  to create the perfect 
                         fine texture 

   Dreamy landscapes 
       fortify artistic impressions 
   in a fashion conducive 
      to the truest form of comprehension 
          that art genuinely 
                  my world 

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