It’s time for a little Let Your Heart Begin To Sing By Tony Moore

My friend Tony Moore has been inspiring me with his independent music for years now. Tony has a way of writing songs that cut through all of the garbage of life, to distill the most PHENOMENAL messages woven into his pieces. I’ve always classified myself as EXTREMELY fortunate to receive these incredible recordings even before the inception of a fully forged track; which emerges from the profound well inside of not only Tony’s talent but, his REMARKABLE connection towards humanity. The moment I heard Let Your Heart Begin To Sing I felt such a sense of hope as, I do with the majority of Tony’s songs. I mean read the lyrics to the first few lines:

I Know The World Came Crashing Down On You

But You’re A Fighter You Will Push On Through

What’s True Today’s Tomorrow’s Yesterdays News

Just Keep The Line Of Love The One Thing You Choose

Let Your Heart Begin To Sing, Tony Moore

It’s remarkable in one instance acknowledgment of the pain and in the other the appreciation of what adversity and fighting through life’s challenges authentically means. I think, my favourite quality of Tony’s compositions is his ability to maintain his humanity.

I am so excited to share that on June 3, 2022, Let Your Heart Begin to Sing will be released across all digital platforms. Please click this link to reserve your copy; I did that the moment the slinky was made active. For more information on Let Your Heart Begin To Sing, please read the press release below.



For Immediate Play

May 3rd 2022


London Based Singer/Songwriter Tony Moore Releases His New Single “Let Your Heart Begin To Sing” On June 3rd As Tribute To His Mother Whose Dementia Inspired Him To Write The Song For Her.

MAY 3rd, 2022 – (London, UK) – On June 3rd, 2022 award winning UK singer/songwriter Tony Moore releases his brand new single “Let Your Heart Begin To Sing” on miniMAJOR Music across all digital platforms (via Absolute Label Services). The song was written at the start of 2020 when his Mother developed dementia and became bedridden. Tony was inspired to create a song that would give her hope; during the first lockdown, he would sing it to her every day as she would do “hand ballet” laying in bed and singing along.

Although recorded early in 2021, the song wasn’t scheduled for an official release, however, it was picked up by Caffe Nero for their in store playlist where it has now been heard in every outlet around the country for over a year. During this time customers began contacting the Nero head office asking about this “mystery” song as it couldn’t be found on Shazam or Google; which resulted in them often going back to the store at a specific time everyday in order to hear it again!

Tony says “I was quite overwhelmed by the response and after replying to many of the enquiries with an MP3 and copy of the lyrics I found that many people identified with both the message of the song and reason I was inspired to write it. It was then that I realised I had to finally release the song to the wider world”

The song was performed, recorded, produced, and mixed entirely by Tony on his own in the shed at the bottom of his Mothers garden, where he had set up a studio during the lockdown. His friends Lorrie and Tommy Harden from the band Lost Hollow in Nashville sent him backing vocals to add to the track which was Mastered by Wes Maebe at the legendary Galaxy Studios in Belgium

Tony Moore is an artist with a long career in the music business. He started as a keyboard player in the band Iron Maiden at the end of the 70’s, before they had signed their first deal. After he left he joined the lineup of a band called Tanz Der Youth formed by Brian James from The Damned. In the early 80’s his band Radio Java recorded an album at Abbey Road and had success in The Netherlands. In 1986 he became keyboard player in a new band called Cutting Crew (I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight)  touring and recording with them till late 1988. He has been awarded the much-coveted Gold Badge award for services to the UK Music industry as well as the sole inductee into the Music Managers Forum Roll Of Honour in 2004. He is currently working on his critically acclaimed one-man show and album called AWAKE.


For Further Information Contact Tony Moore

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