To be seen and appreciated for who you are, which I do!

I have the capacity to be quite difficult

waterworks flow threw me, an echoed
purpose reinvigorates my forked pathway
individuals set to inspire fuel a desire to be whole
lackadaisical languishing perceptions
diminished in a universe that has opened

oubliettes forever set aflame
eternity has waited enough
longingly to show the manifestation
of one of the purest ways to level up

each story has its purpose
one can conceal who they truly are from the world
but not from a human who can see right through

each and every moment
vectors form for the purpose of analysis
I had no clue what was coming
rendered to a puddle of resilience
a treaty between cognition and emotion

decades of demise and pain worth the trek
have brought me to this very time
the amount of daily yelling did not save me

half hazard and carless falls
sorrow with pain used to be extremely
evident and wasteful

people enter a life mid-way
horrific details induced stitched scars
they don’t see the emotional scars
only when they decide to walk through that door
it takes a very brave soul
to not minimize an experience and walk away
instead to understand the pain and advocate
nonsensical humans would never comprehend
it takes a strong being to stare at pain
and not be judgmental

with each day that passes
the gift of dialogue is bestowed upon me
I comprehend the level of underestimated idiocy

appreciation is at the forefront of the thoughts in my core
I reside in a world of bone and marrow
although render fantastical perceptions

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