Cemented Ink!

Over the last few years it has been suggested that I add a Podcast to CCIQ Press; well, after finishing a long year of academic studies I have decided to finally launch a permanent summer series entitled Cemented Ink!. This idea came to me back in October however, because I was in my first year of undergrad I did not want to add more to my already sky high plate of eclectic duties.

Since completing school, I’ve been VERY patient for my first interview on Cemented Ink!  this past week I recorded it with Founder of Bruno Press the PHENOMENAL and FEARLESS Mary Bruno.   And let me tell you, I could not have asked for a better guest; we spoke about Art, human insecurities, understanding Identity (Anyone who follows the blogs knows it is a subject that I am genuinely OBSESSED with!) to the impact of art on society.  I just finished writing two plump paragraphs about it and then proceeded to delete, as I realised, I was giving you the whole interview before you’d actually heard it.

So here is my announcement, Cemented Ink!’s debut episode will be released here, midnight on June 3.  I am genuinely excited as I have so many interesting interviews lined up with some of my favourite artists.

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