Barkeep: Hi what can I get you?

Cendra: Mmm, not sure what looks good for tonight?

Barkeep: What’s your typical poison?

Cendra: Banana daiquiri, with a double shot of rum 
        -- usually. However, I am not certain, I keep thinking 
        about my time in Hawaii & Europe. 

Barkeep: Umm, what does that have to do with anything?

Cendra: In Hawaii, I felt at peace, you know, the kind 
        of tranquility that resonates for a few moments 
        of freedom at the end of each James Bond movie?

Barkeep: 0h, are you a James Bond fan?

Cendra: Uh, not really, I tried to watch the first film 
        and was not able to survive 20 minutes.
        I was sooo bored!

Barkeep: What you speak of is seriously sacrilegious; 
         how does one not like James Bond movies?!

Cendra: I’m sorry, my idiosyncratic personality 
        can’t take James Bond?

Barkeep: Are you mad?

Cendra: No, not mad. I can however appreciate Sean Connery’s
        charm. Hmm, I just had a brilliant idea; I wonder 
        can you make me a James Bond martini with bourbon please? 
        Also, if you have any caramel sauce or whipped cream behind 
        the bar that would be perfect -- it's exactly what I desire. 

Barkeep: That sounds like a travesty, what about when you were 
         in Hawaii what is it that you drank? 

Cendra: It was a Blue Hawaii, actually the most whimsical moment
        and probably drunk I’ve ever been in my entire life (aside
        from the time I had seven oversized shots of Kracken) I’ve
        always found them to taste delicious. And, let me tell you 
        being ensconced by the cool breeze while engaged in dance 
        on the tabletops post dinner, still renders me with snapshots 
        of tribal exhilaration.  

Barkeep: That sounds doable; I have a great recipe for Blue Hawaii. 

Cendra: I still feel like bourbon, I need that liquid caramel 
        flavour to ooze through me right now. Perhaps, just make me 
        the potion that I'd requested, you remember the one 
        that you called a “travesty”?

Barkeep: NO!

Cendra: Listen, this is what I want you have all the 
        ingredients; why not just make the bloody drink? 

Barkeep: Tell me about Europe; what did you drink 
         the of the majority of the time that you relished?

Cendra: Oh, you know, just your usual beer stein size full of wine; 
        although I need to admit the 49’ Gewurztraminer is my ultimate
        favorite. Even more so than 100-year-old bottle of Château 
        Lafite Rothschild, I had a few Christmases ago.

Barkeep: We actually have a bottle from 49’ in the back 
         if you want me to get it for you?

Cendra: What is it going to take for you to make me the drink 
        that I want?

Barkeep: Listen to my signature martini; I was addicted 
         to this specific drink for a long time. 

Cendra: Are you serious right now; I can just leave.

Barkeep: If you want to leave the door is right there, if you’re 
         willing to risk it, sit down and let me try to figure 
         something out, otherwise you don’t have to stay. 

Cendra: FINE! 

Barkeep: Wonderful, please have a seat. I am Vincent.

Cendra: Nice to meet you, Vincent. I am Cendra, 
        let the games begin. 

Vincent: So, I was thinking about what you said if you want 
         you can have a Classic Bourbon Manhattan. You are going to
         also have to forgo the whip cream and the caramel sauce. 
         Or if you like you can try my favourite?

Cendra: What exactly is that?

Vincent: One sec, I learned how to make it a very long time ago. 
         Try this, Belvedere Vodka, very dry, & olive stuffed with 
         blue cheese. I even added two extra olives for you. I’ve been 
         addicted forever to this specific martini. 

Cendra: Fine! I’ll try anything once and I’m in the mood to quickly 
        numb my mind. 

Vincent: Cheers. 

Cendra: Thank you, um, while you are at it, can I at least have
        a shot of bourbon before I drink your martini?

Barkeep: How about, I hold the bourbon and you try the drink?

Cendra: Rolls her eyes, flips her hair back over her shoulder,     
        and in a moment of frustration exclaims: Fine! 

Vincent: Let me know if you need anything else.

Cendra: Actually, I’d genuinely appreciate some French fries please… 

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