No more visible breath in the frigid air

Recollections of tormented memories 
       numerous humans placed on extinction 
   to preserve the sanity 

What happens
  when we place ourselves 
       on extinction 

     when the laughter & smiles denote 
         the absence of joy 
    when trepidation & release 
           are forced to battle 

    A covert force propels 
       the amplification of life 
       What of those who’ve 
        lost resilience 

  When a heart no longer 
        desires to thump 
      When existence has 
            proved too much 

       Just around the rabbit hole 
              on the way to Wonderland  

   A thought comprised of demise flashes 
        for a  picosecond 
    Enough time to comprehend 
       there is no purpose 
           for self mandated 

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