Elegant Lady

If I were to ever envision 
     your aura as a dragon 
          it would house scales 
             that simultaneously 
  to reflect 
     their emotions

    with a hue of a softened gunmetal 
        deep dark gray with highlights 
  of glitter -- glitter wouldn’t be cascaded 
        from everywhere, it would be sporadic 
          throughout essential parts 
              of your entire magnificent dragon form

       Various dragons are afforded 
              special gifts, some have an ice or fire lung 
                   yours is glitter 
              your glitter lung represents 
                      the enthusiasm which is fortified 
               within your core 

         I don’t know if you were made aware 
  however, your dragon is afforded the proclivity 
         for prophecy which transcends 
                far into the future 
                        past or present 

            Although the present 
               is only 20 to 30 seconds 
           say the present is now 
   slowly move towards the past 

       The iridescence 
          which comes from you 
               is in its purest state
                   as is your essence 

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