Part I: Arousal From Words

There is no grand Area 51 secret 
     the majority of Freud’s postulated 
          juxtaposition steeped 
   in tender and bodily contact 
        dependent upon severity

    Sophie, adopted at the very tender 
        age of three days old 
              abandoned at the local grocery store 
       concealed in a fruit basket 
     Sophie was left after closing 
         asleep in the produce section 

    It was not until the 6:00 am 
        bakers enter the bakery 
            to begin their prep for the day 
  a range of desserts which are simultaneously 
     as fancy as an éclair, crème brûlée, or mille feuille
        to the simplest red velvet cupcake 
    adorned with the perfect amount 
         of sprinkles (the secret is to dip 
            the iced cupcake in the sprinkles
     to ensure every single section of icing 
       is furnished with a little whimsy) 

   The produce department 
        was beside the bakery 
           the moment the gun-metal 
                industrial sized KitchenAid mixer 
           was turned on 
     a VERY LOUD cry ensued

  Electra stopped immediately 
     even though the sound of the mixer 
          penetrated the room 
      the cries punched Electra as though 
          a manticore shattered every bone 
        in her tiny body

Electra: “Everyone, PLEASE STOP!”

Electra closed her icy blue ocean eyes 
   and waited about 10 seconds 
         before a blood curdling scream echoed 
  from its source, Sophies perfectly shaped 
    lips in the fashion 
          of Michelangelo’s cherubs 

       Electra ran with immediacy 
 literally as she’d never felt throughout 
      her lived years, this emotion was  
       recognised in just this one moment

     Sophie’s basket had been placed 
        in the space in between 
    the peaches and the strawberries 
 at the top of the display 
 Which does show 
      whoever surrendered her 
   wanted her to be found alive 

    Although Sophie was out in the open 
       all the staff entered that morning via 
   the back entrance – not a soul would 
      have entered from the front until 
             8:30 am prior to the 9:00 am opening

     Desire of a heart that yearns for a child 
        that is not even hers 

 A lover’s embrace 
      is different from a mother’s

         Electra‘s wife, the other head baker 
 was half a step behind her -- Persephone 
      raced to her side instantly 

               These two women 
          where smitten 
  with this child... 

      To be continued... 

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