From the immergence of fire; to a path of strength

The world, 
    wether it be an enchanted forest
         or a regular one absent of magique
   leaders rise with the presence of liget
       a call to action, one who comprehends
             that everyone on this earth 
                   has a purpose 

    You are tremendous 
        at extracting those characteristics 
           in others – someone who sees a blaze
     who does not run the opposite direction
         one who is aware of the flame 
               and the danger in which 
                    it causes 

   Never once afraid 
       to share stories of adversity 
            as a method of encouragement
        more than one way to skin a cat 
             or even make lemonade 

    The thought process of what comes next
        is a prospect that frightens 

    You bravely and tenderly 
         are the keeper of kindness 
               a Bambi in our contemporary world

     Who battles for the betterment 
          of the universe in a genuine altruistic 
               fashion – not all humans 
                     can take on the tender foot
               comprehension – most hide
                   in fear of tomorrow’s presence 
           while you stand beside Soleil
                 and ask the day to greet you 
                     with patience, empathy, 
                           and compassion 

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