November 8, 1989

I didn’t
       begin to focus
             on numeric dates   
          until after
 I married
      my husband.  
          I chronicle my tales
in photographic scripts
      and microfilms
I play via
     my third eye
   when I feel
     My bi-product
               trifecta has always
        held steadfast
          & advocacy
                   I’m in my element
              when all three
       are simultaneously
           I could see all facets
                  present as a spectator
                         of my first musical theatre
                 experience. A family member  
          held an AMEX card
which meant our tickets
       were centre stage
     from the
             main stage
      one month after
               it opened in Toronto
  at The Pantages Theatre. 
        I genuinely
              fell in love
          with every aspect
               of that production,
                      to the point  
          my Phantom of the Opera
                      CD’s are still snug
            in my carrier.
At one point
          a M.A.S.S.I.V.E.
                   and quite glorious
                rose and floated
           above our heads. 
           I was in complete awe
   as the visual aspect
          of this performance
        the musicality.
         to this day,
                    I can’t help it,
 I constantly sing Angel of Music,
         Christine’s Soprano voice  
renders my body
               in a constant state
        of electricity.

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