forensic, criminal, abnormal behaviour

            i’m thrilled
                       with the possibility
            of all the arteries  
       within psychology
                     i plan to study
    in the forthcoming
         a requirement
   for the addictions
and mental health
      graduate certificate
             even more overjoyed
       with the diverse psychology
 prospects outside
         of the mundane   
                  introduction 101
   emotions of a child
 locked in a psychology based
      candy store  
           cherry coated forensic  
   shattered sugar glass criminal
       and psychopathic sour
                       war head
         an in-depth study
               which surpasses
    my very limited
             knowledge and exposure
       yet aware of freud’s appetite
   for sexual desire
     when i finally studied hamlet
                   the complexities behind
              the nature of human relationships
      is an extreme fascination of mine
 to be able to take someone’s  
                proverbial brain apart
        to comprehend the various
                               convoluted traits
            that are offered
          is a true gift in the psyche
                         to truly understand
             what makes humans

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