Holly Hobbie

Why is it that the least confident humans
     offer a plethora more of effort 
         with regards to the work 
              they pursue -- an energy 
                      of truth? 

    Hollie Hobby watches 
         as I ponder a life riddled 
              with imaginariums 
     lined with walls of musical notes 
          an entire room that moves
               with what ever motion 
                      the beat relinquishes 

          Many contemplate --
              Holly simply sits and stares 
           into the abyss of the aqua ocean 
               walls – while attention is paid
                     to the emotion 
                         of the child 
                              she was gifted to 

    A child’s psyche requires 
        validation, a child requires a dolly 
             that will empower her sense
                     of self – children are indeed
             tiny humans that require
                    an infinite amount 
                            of support 

     My comfort came from Holly
        my best friend, and greatest secret
             keeper of all time, over the years
                   the fabric on her body wore 
             off – I did not want to lose 
         her, now she looks like an elegant 
   patchwork quilt – which carries
         all of my life’s secrets 
             and visions for a future
                  that blooms 

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