Beanie Boo + Uni Boo + Belly Boo + Stack a Boo = Cemented Ink! Junior Interview with Emilie Young

I am so excited to share with you all the cutest interview ever. As a teen/young adult, I had a nice little collection of Beanie Babies; now I only have Bananas, and Smooch. I have found these tiny creatures to bring so much joy to individuals around the world. I had no idea that the sequins unicorn I’d purchased nearly three years ago was not a Beanie Baby; but, actually a Beanie Boo named Pixy, which I was quite politely told by Emilie. I thought it would be interesting to discuss the various Beanie Boos and the impact on the imagination of Emilie Young. There have been numerous studies on the benefit of children and free play, especially as it relates to fostering a solid sense of imagination that does house components of critical thinking. Emilie’s little video clips are not only fun, they are quite imaginative and clever.

Happy listening!

Episode 1, Cemented Ink Junior, Emilie Young

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