Inalienable Annihilation

Aristotle’s theory
of potentiality and actuality
is one that could hunt
the most bravest of souls
I was never meant to play the role
of either judge, jury, executioner
or even bounty hunter
I am meant for a station of balance
to understand that occurrences
in life exist to see the ugly
bile riddled verity
of each individual
in their core also houses
a lined beauty

Birthed in crimson
marinated in hope

Breath of Earth
a tidal wave at the ready
a force of nature
to asphyxiate
the fire that rages
in the fashion of a temperamental
child —

A witness
to walk a path
potentially fright may perhaps
gain control — there is no
magic hat or restraint
even Houdini
could not escape

Necessity to settle
shake my body to allow
the sediments
of thought corpses to die
lilies begin to sprout
inside of an indecisive Earth
as the matter is transmuted
into a unique form

A chimera that wishes to achieve
fearlessness and the actuality
of optic to optic with a lion
and understand
reflection and remembrance
allows that lily to grow
only with the presence
of one lightning rod
at the ready to make
impact with my soul

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