Trance mode & Aristotle

Perfection of heavenly bodies
moves in unison – Soleil
offers movement that is caused
by locomotion of the ethereal realm

logical imagination
manifests a duality

primary imaginariums are rendered
motionless – lack of movement
which brings itself to an established
state of point which allows for permissible
dialogue across each surface

what is the main cause of infinite regress?
material, efficiency, formal, and final

final causality of the ethereal mover
object of desire infatuated.
with the final cause

efficiency is erased with end scene
passion, love, stitched morsels of the hearts
flesh renders an ignorant subspecies
of disallowable passion

connection exists
unmoved movers ensconces
pure actuality

in other words
logical analysis
allows for Aristotle
to be brought to the possibility
of everlasting motion, never caused
by temporary indecision

immaterial void of substance
potentiality also exists within
the relation to be otherwise

pure actuality
sustains the motion
of a tesseract
which begs
for truth in understanding

a thought that thinks itself
now that’s quite the calamity

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