Wasted Wreck

The conceptualized premise
and query, as to the proper protocol
of how to write something
pure, offers the capacity
to alter one’s life

A mountain of fork scraped off food
not completely devoured

Pages from a blank indigo velvet
journal with desire to be written
inside of, as long as each word
is unwasted. Gratitude for passion
unfettered in fact, wait, perhaps
more profound. To evoke the dragon
that awakes from a dormant

What occurs when wasted time
spent in a bedazzled oubliette,
a dungeon and tower, one symbiotic
beast. Thought corpses cracks
because fear manifested in lieu
of love.

Wasted time
appreciate the lesson

wasted regret
appreciate the torrent
dragon scales begin to coat
my entire body. These scales
each individual one moves
with visceral expression
transitions — reset

Once black, dark, disguised
now levelled in a manner conducive
to strength and not oblivion

Wasted time
is the most egregious
that dialogue waste
when all the clipped
lush language falls
promises of a better way
promises to release
from the confines
of one’s most true soul
fear is never viable
love in its purest shape

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