An open letter to those who think/feel (both interchangeable to each other) regret & reflection are superfluous

Marinated thought soup 
with three handful of letters
placed inside
a slowly bubbly broth
the aroma of finely minced garlic
wafts through the small
industrious kitchen
it’s slowly replaced with the putrid
odour of thought corpses on fire
these are the pinnacle
ones which cause damage
to the psyche. Regret does
not serve it’s purpose to collaborate
with pain, the determination
and hope (❤️) of open perception
of how to proceed when faced
with this beast that consistently
darkens an unwelcome passage
offer resolution
bloom regardless of terra firma
compound you were splattered on
reflection offers a perspective
stronger than reality — fear of past
wrongs do not frighten me
lack of accountability does

Full luscious thoughts are essential
for human health — to simply
not think — what went wrong?
how can one help effectively?
what does it mean to really to gaze
upon the face of verity and fold,
collapse on the cold Mexican
marble tile — allow pieces
to shatter lose control


Altered Zen states transcends
a light sensation one that reinforces
and diminishes the darkness

Yes, in life there is regret
also an endless labyrinth
worthy of exploration

Just don’t end up in the oubliette
you may be ensnared
by the capacity of a juxtaposed
melange of hell which forces
one to question resignation
to raw self worth

Not my cup of tea at all
actually, no tea

I’m a Root-beer float!

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