Desperado, I do NOT think so!

Rejection does not elicit
rosey emotions
growls surface from the bowels
of one’s spirit — utter cowardice
revealed in the truest intent
it’s not toxic masculinity
a shared story by a random woman:
“he was willing to fuck my body;
yet, never allow me to truly
love him.”

I often ponder
what kind of human being
would look so drastically
with animalistic intent
desire is a wonderful sensation
love and acceptance more so

Reside in a world where pain, love,
and bliss exist or trade everything
there does reach a point where
the line is drawn so deep
6 feet below any dreams

The most impactful expression
is love in its truest form
where the release
of a human being
is furnished within one’s
private domain
in the quiet of a pitch room
the silence of fear
echoes the loudest decibel
of whispered screams

Reality. Fear vows, nothing pure
to ignore love, does nothing
but to create a void in a soul
unable to resolve love

How does one ignore love?
How does one misinterpret
love in its truest form

One that accepts
one choked
ropes magically maneuver
a noose as Merlin’s apprentice
releases the rope

That is exactly what happens
when humans stick their heads
in the sand when love evolves
then forcibly murdered
by the hands of the receptor
of said love

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