An unexpected focused glance of affection

Optics offer an intense gaze
eerie when caught
thoughts permeate
in one’s mind absent of knowledge
in quiet corners — warmth
of green optics invite

Excitement furnishes
covert intentions
the woman at the counter
cannot see the man
two tables away from her
as the loose strands
from the back of her neck
move while the fan oscillates
to and fro — in attempt
to capture a morsel
of slightly above luke warm air

The Saint’s eyes open wide
with the attention of this woman
captures a unique aura
between the realms
of juxtaposed dreams

Upon departure with the bill
in hand with a slight 45 degree turn
this bold man reveals himself to her
honey silky lips reveal an intention
not so noble in kind

An origin from the Saint’s
earlier days — this woman
truly unlike any other
one who if they believe in you
your life is made

A quick glance of interest
with a covert slight drop of the head
to resemble disinterest
although the truest heart’s desire
penetrates an innocent
and vulnerable soul

One which offers exclusively
the most organic of adoration
the Saint a revealed coward
who relinquishes an authentic
act of expression

Regret not in this agenda
lack of accountability ensues
crossroads of talons
once embedded
in the flesh of the core
wounded unable to heal
pieces of flesh torn
as each hook
is slowly removed

An ache that requires a piece
of wood between the teeth
something to release the carnage
prior to a mended sense
of self

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