You’re going to eat my iridescent soul, regurgitate it in a Koi fish tank, full consent will be granted; Um, I don’t think so!

This body sinks into a feather bed
as my hands slide across my sides
I can feel the textures of the soft
lily pads holding me as they mold
to the arch of my back
one luscious lotus
breaks through
a mucky travel pathway into
the sunlight and surrenders

Epic solar flares welcome
a proclivity for tremendous curiosity
now tell me please, what happens
when exploration reigns

My brain never found solace
in the offering plate, there seems
to be something very perverse
about consistent listening
absent of thoughts

Sometimes the optics
used by others
to see our inner vulnerabilities
marinate in a pot of indecision
a bloom that boldly trusted
with purpose —
entities enter stage left
in the fashion of Four O’Clock
flora — nothing is seen
visibly, concealed under cover
of the veil of the heavy mist

Blind faith, requires no logistics
it’s just that, unshakable
fortified yet fragile
to balance
severed tethers
start to forge
new knots

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