Have you ever had a conversation
with someone about a specific
song? And “said” specific song
played in the background
during the dialogue
on an episode of Lucifer
three minutes later

I think a dyad who are annoyed
at each other cannot be synched
or offer any level of symbiosis
I was incorrect — it’s when
our emotions are most heightened
the arousal especially for

It’s truly a gift from the universe
to be able to witness such a bond
connection is PHENOMENAL
it brings out the best of who we are
it’s a very rare and special gift

To turn a blind eye
to endless devotion
is so incredibly stupid
humans are not perfect
beings — although Narcissus
strove for perfection
he was no where close

What occurs when a human
turns your vulnerabilities
against you; it’s the most
heinous crime against the soul
warm soft origin story
transmutate into sardonic marrow.

Paper thin aura more-typical
than unique and magique
exists; beyond


Innate iridescence
may have been temporarily
dimmed, now levelled-up

Being underestimated
is my F.A.V.O.U.R.I.T.E. thing! 😈

(In case you wanted to know;
the song in question
was a Cutting Crew Original
I Just Died (In Your
Arms Tonight))

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