Apexia, Fairy Warrior

Optics in the form of a feline 
found their way from the muddy  
terra firma which constitutes 
a rich and lush essence. 

The place in which you were formed 
where melancholy collided with profound 
experimentation, forged from an ancient 
civilisation ensconces your very being. 
Upon your creation there were certain
embedded skills which had been implemented 
throughout your origin stories. 

Apexia, you come from the land of fauna 
so powerful, there was an immediacy 
for your creation.  As an apex warrior 
you house the capacity to not only hunt 
and thrive in any wild environment. 
Also, you are afforded the proclivity 
of charm as designed directly from 
your historical fairy lineage.  

Global and internal struggles are those 
which constantly persist, and you constantly 
show bravery in the face of adversity. Riddled 
with a kind, and compassionate core 
one that see discrepancies, and does not allow
for them to be dusted under an overpriced 
Persian rug.  I know from time to time 
your essence does not feel like that of a warrior 
nevertheless, that should never consume 
your thoughts.  Every MASSIVE
sized Alice in Wonderland walrus 
which falls on your path, is annihilated 
in the most respectful way. 

A unique chimera you are… 

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