How many women on this earth  

feel not good enough? 

How many women on this earth  

work so genuinely hard and fall flat  

their soul a mess on the linoleum floor? 

How many women try to be as good  

as their mothers, or for that matter  

how many women do the exact opposite  

of their mothers, as a result of their torment? 

How many women had to fight  

for the thought to be heard? 

Being heard is something each human   

on the planet should be  

presented with 

The innate need to prove  

there is endurance and resilience to push  

to do better in the name of yourself 

Imagine our bodies to be composed  

from granules of sand 

Each micro morsel houses either  

       a battle origin or bloodshed  

            or tears or screams of desire 

The secret is held in each component  

which provides authentic comprehension  

being multi-dimensional humans  

the accountability rests  

in the insanity 

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