insert and turn ¾ of the way counter-clockwise

 When humans use the phrase
    “unlock your mind” a reference 
is being made to an experience 
    with the aid of a 
             synthetic or 
                       organic psychedelic 
         or just illumination 

there is no capacity 
          too impacted 
            even the deepest crevice 
                 will level up to enter the light 
          regardless of pitch riddled 
  venues -- an equal amount of vibrancy

      pitch requires iridescence 
               and vice versa 
                      absent of balance 

                 purpose remains obsolete 
          unforeseen activation
within our mind 

            at the prospect 
of infinite possibilities  
        within an uncertain path 
             trust can be difficult to attain 

   who will accept? 
         who will cower?

        photographic exposure 
    houses the proclivity 
         to capture anything 

       moments of dismay 
               moments of bliss 
          it’s difficult to achieve 
                  on our own 

         one must learn how to fall 
               how to fall, of all things 
                      affords a natural execution 
               as it pertains to demise 
                   at one point everyone 
             holds bloody fingernails 
     literally with the aim 

       of a sloth or eyeballs 
               extracted from the unaware visage 

                      an opportunity exists 
                            to foster the optics 
                  who not only dream   
 in the presentence of enlightenment 
   also aware of a core with spikey 
        terrain for the potential for more

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