it is now indifference!

This piece is written in the voice of a child who was abused at a tender age. Please note, the content warning…

I HATED YOU – for so long
you were the human being who was supposed
to be there, regardless of outcome
you did not try your best
how could you? 


I am done, I am done allowing your darkness
to impact what I have grown 
despite your best efforts 
to place your bile riddled spiked boot
upon my raw neck 

         you hear that...

those are the dreams you tried to crush
your legacy is not born of adoration
your legacy is one that is housed 
on a path that would put the cruelest 
villain to shame

  you can have it back
       your self-deprecation 
           your shame
              your disappointment 

I never wanted  it 
    I have done exactly 
       what I wanted 
 absent of your cruelty 

you could have selected 
different choices 

you did not 
and with the last stroke 
of my fingertips 
clicks this key 
I will NEVER think about you



Sick Kids Hospital SCAN Program

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