DC Book Store Service

When I attended Ryerson Polytechnic Institute, (soon to be renamed) and Centennial College my experience with book purchases were completely different than my current one. In both locations I would walk through endless towers of stacks; I remember the aroma of all the next text books — they smelt like literal heaven. I definately have a thing for ink and parchment, nevertheless the tactile experience of going to gather my books, pay for them, and pack them up in my knapsack for a very long and HEAVY ride home was very different from my recent experience with the DC bookstore, Oshawa Campus.

I house the type of personality, steeped in urgency with school that requires me to order my books at the first available opportunity. I mean, no one wants to be stuck second week without books, if not enough were initially ordered. I had a issue with my order, called the Oshawa campus book store ASAP, the manner in which I was dealt with was one I will NEVER forget. My experience with customer satisfaction lately has not been fantastic, that was NOT the case at the DC bookstore. The manager went above and beyond to help me, with follow up emails. As a student, we have to contend with an ENORMOUS amount of pressure and stress, part of that is ensuring that we have all the tools we need to be successful during each academic year. Much of that anxiety was alleviated from that interaction, which makes me feel so grateful. I wanted to extend a special thank you to the DC bookstore for not only their service but also human kindness.

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