Part 4: 6 Degrees of ‘Tony Moore’ – Judge for the inaugural ‘Carnaval de Poésie’ 2021 by Caroline McNamara

Tony has always been and completely unselfishly, a huge advocate of launching new talent. From introducing young artists to areas which can help them, I count myself one of those people, to taking you under his wing and showing you how to believe in yourself, Tony will always be a voice of reason. In the late 90’s, Tony launched The Kashmir Klub’ as a starting place for the now awarding winning singer/songwriters to showcase their talent. The club was a starting point for ‘Damien Rice, Imogen Heap and KT Tunstall’ and more. Katie Tunstall is a lovely friend to the Tony Moore Musical Emporium radio show and said of Tony.

Tony is a total rock of strength to anyone doubting that music is their path in life – I aspire to remain as in love and involved with it as he is.” KT Tunstall. For our song 4 today, I have chosen a track by KT Tunstall called Float. It was used in the Disney Movie ‘Tinkerbell and The Legend of Legend of The Neverbeast’. When I listen to the lyrics of this track ‘I will be taking each breathe with a mile-wide smile’ I immediately think of Tony, the joy he brings to all when he performs and how he would say himself ‘We can only live in the present’ We should make time to smile every day. 

Float by KT Tunstall 

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