Part 3: 6 Degrees of ‘Tony Moore’ – Judge for the inaugural ‘Carnaval de Poésie’ 2021 by Caroline McNamara

Tony came from Bristol where he had grown up to the big smoke that was ‘London’. This was after answering an ad in a music magazine and he became keyboard and synth player in a band. The band was an early formulation of ‘Iron Maiden’ Feeling keyboards were not really working following an initial live show, Tony left and went on to create his own bands to include ‘Tanz der Youth’ and ‘Radio Java’. In the mid 80’s Tony joined the band ‘Cutting Crew’ and a dreamy 80’s occurred. Travelling and appearing with bands like The Bangles amongst many. I have chosen ‘Died in Your Arms’ as our song 3 today to celebrate Tony’s talent and the stamp on the industry he was setting for himself. Listen to those keys on the You Tube link – they are a huge part of the track, the toe tapper for sure. 

Died in your arms tonight by Cutting Crew 

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