BIPOC Explored Week III

Rebecca Belomore
First Nation’s history in Canada does not paint of picture of equity; it is one that infused pure blood into all the rivers of Turtle Island and every single treaty broken.  Treaties like the Two Row Wampum Gä•sweñta’ which established that the First Nations and the early European settlers came to an understanding that each go their own way and none of the two shall interfere with each other’s lives, business, or community affairs to govern as two separate entities.  Two Row Wampum Gä•sweñta’ is one of the many treaties that did not do what it promised – EVERY SINGLE TREATY WAS BROKEN and not in favour of the First Nations.  If this breaks my heart and fills me with PURE RAGE -- I can only imagine how the First Nations of Turtle Island sense all of this unwarranted devastation.  

For this week, the individual that I have selected Anishinaabe Artist Rebecca Belmore; I’ve written about Rebecca Belmore numerous times over the years.  The work that is created recognises humanity with a fine-tuned level of intrinsic awareness worthy of exploration.  My favourite aspect from the work I’ve watched – is the incorporation of not only environmental elements also included are powerful cultural elements steeped in statement.   Rebecca takes all the pain, injustice, and ignorance to be the architect to something truly advocacy based. 

How A Parchment Can Be Rendered Null & Void 

  When promises are written upon a parchment
  it is an oath between all parties involved 
     to render into the abyss of desolation

       each tree afforded by Mother Earth 
             should be used to chronicle 
             various artisanal expressions 
                        of verity and honour 
     for words to be written on a biproduct 
  f a forest, a part of nature should reflect 
          an small amount of respect 

     lies have no business 
             being written on an authentic 
                  document which dishonours 
            the treaties from the days of old          

       it ought to have an ounce of respect 
        those who have suffered on the basis
              of proper acknowledgement 
                         of humanity  

         More specifically the First Nations 
            of Turtle Island who bring 
       with them such a rich appreciation 
        for culture and maintenance 
                      of sacred customs

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