BIPOC Explored Week IV

The REDress Project at the National Museum of the American Indian
Whenever I think of the legacy that Nina Simone has left our world; I am completely overwhelmed with such a sense of joy, and appreciation.  This is a woman that used her voice to leave a long-lasting impression; this post is going to be a little different.  As Nina Simone is a Singer/Songwriter this week’s presentation will be a video of my favourite song by Nina Simone with an accompanying piece by me!  I feel it would honestly be a disservice to share my thoughts in this instance; the legacy that was left by this beautiful soul speaks beyond any intro that I could potentially scribe.


I’ve always been fascinated
     with the space in between
         especially when it comes
      to eight and quarter notes
 as they travel so quickly
     across unaware keys
         they communicate
     a symbiotic dialogue
 that reigns the ugly truth
   stitched into visible elegance  
     decades after the revolutionary
would be devastated to witness
   the state of our world
   freedom still does not exist
      in life there must be a dash
   of tenacity if we are to truly
       survive – there is a quality
in relation to a bold essence
   that only desires to stand
    why not rise?
        why not ask life
   for all the impossible
      qualities that are heavily
          marinated in equity
   clearly individuals know
bigotry and ignorance
   does not lead to a path
      that will bloom
      at the feet of those
who deny the truth
    one that should
        not be ignored

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