Live Music Returns To The Bedford with Tony Moore & iLO! ❤

Tuesday night, at the Bedford in Balham, in the UK, Tony Moore & iLO once again took to a public stage as live music has returned to this tremendous venue.  The performance this evening by Tony Moore is a beginning to end chronicle of his forthcoming album Awake.  Awake is the type of epic masterpiece that takes the one listening on this musical journey to a path into the abyss of Tony’s idiosyncratic & eclectic mind.  

The one thing about Awake that constantly strikes me is that no matter how many times I listen to the album in its entirety, there is such an appreciation to have had the opportunity to watch this entire body of work blossom from a melody to an album. In full flight with roots buried deep into the centre of the earth, to wings in bloom that not only tear those roots right out of the ground but, also remain steeped in the entire premise of this epic album which affords us an amount of various intersectional themes. 

With a variety of instruments on stage Tony was able to flawlessly move from track to track in a fashion of a stitched tapestry where you can’t tell where one thread starts and the other ends. The title of the tracks from Awake include: Awake; The Clock Has Started; Love, We Need You Here; Just One Night; Hopium; Dear Life; Not Normal; Remember Me; Crazy In The Shed; Dark Winter; What’s The Point?; The One Percent Solution; We Are One; Asleep; and Love We Need You Here (Part 2).

Part two of tonight’s evening was hosted by the phenomenal Singer/Songwriter iLO with accompaniment on guitar and piano by Tony.  iLO has this incredible quality, where each musical note comes through with such force and determination. Some of the original tracks iLO performed tonight included: Safety Net; Back To You; The Best Day Of My Life; Sing For You; Double Meaning; Rewind; Love’s Out The Window; and Lost In A Dark Place with a single cover of, I Can’t Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt. 

I want to talk to you all about how Tony & iLO’s music makes me feel, how they are both quality Singer/Songwriters who constantly bring their best work ethic to every single performance, how they ooze musical impressions through both of their incredible aura’s, and how their harmonies always kick ass. However, I feel that it would be best for their work to speak for itself, if you missed tonight show you can watch now… 

  • All photographs are courtesy of CCIQ Press’ new Junior Photographer Tots Hills.

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