Stolen moments, from hands that blindly feel
around; for that well hidden stash of prescription
medication.  Unfortunately, the humiliation of

addiction forces those who struggle, to constantly
live inside of  the pitch shadows. Enslavement,
was about an authentic comparison, of confectionery

and various mediums. That relishes the opportunity,
to enhance an effortless atmosphere  away from
personal torment.  The volume consumed is very

inconsequential; to secure a genuine moment of
solace.  One that leaves a mind to bounce from
one proverbial roller coaster to another; to seek

silence.   Through the power of my third eye, I
envision an exchange.  All of my pretty little pills
of various hues arranged on a pharmacy wall,

that only requires one pence per dispensation.  
In exchange for moments that may reveal the
demise of your liver; nevertheless one will grant

oblivion in it’s highest form.  Which one of these
childhood vessels holds your preference?  If you do
not see your selection, perhaps a conversation with

the local apothecary, to conjure the presence of your
choice.  Be careful, a penny may buy bliss but, what
happens when there are no more coins or patience?

What occurs to this gorgeous sculpture at that juncture? 

Sculpture, Sweet Addiction 
  Thank you to Kevin for allowing me to post his work directly on CCIQ…

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