how to cultivate a thick skin…

sometimes i wish
i was an armadillo
— a shell impervious
to insults — now
that would be an awesome
star candy
characteristic to acquire

you know what would
be even more wicked?
if our epidermis
compounds transformed
into a solid candy coated
layer of stardust — extra
glitter of course, especially
since sparkles

have within them
the power to bring
a smile even across
the most dour
of characters

my recipe
for cultivating
a thick skin
is as follows:

1/2 cup tenacity
pinch of arrogance
1 cup strength
2 cups ground “i don\’t give a damn flour”
1/4 cup sweetness
1/2 cup bittersweet tears

(don\’t forget to preheat
the oven and butter
your cupcake tins
350 degrees
for 25 minutes)

blend tenacity
bittersweet tears
and pinch of arrogance
until creamy

add strength
ground flour
& sweetness

once all the ingredients
are combined grab
an ice-cream scoop
and one by one
fill cupcake
tins halfway

as they will double
in size once baked

serve with mile
high whipped cream
and chocolate
ganache drizzle  

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