Naked, with a hangover!

As you all know throughout the year, I relish posting poetry from those who I\’ve come to genuinely respect as writers on their birthday. Now, that being said, please join me in wishing my dear friend Monice aka @nakedwithahangover a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I asked Monice for some of her favourite poems, to post today.  But, before I share them, I just wanted to say a few things.  There are a lot of fake humans online, who are not always as they appear.  Since following and interviewing Monice, I\’ve seen her be so authentic and incredibility sincere. This type of honesty, I\’m sure others would find to be curt with a side helping of abrupt.  But, as someone, who has always been blunt and heavily criticised for it — I think Monice\’s honesty oozes to her poetry.  Which in my opinion makes her an excellent poet because, not only is the expression and feeling there but, the visualisation of concept is consistently strong. Not to mention the constant advocacy, bringing light to social issues ensconced within her words.

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