The Price of My Emancipated Tether

Zachary\’s work is transcendent…

I received an email with a video art-piece that kept my constant focus; through glazed eyes with a myriad of tears on the moving images of my laptop’s monitor. “Forget me not, as my tether is clipped.” By Artist Zachary Fabri is a short black and white Art piece that should be viewed by all, missing its beauty would be tragic. I realise that sounds a tad dramatic however, in case such as this one it is COMPLETELY warranted!

In this short and poignant video, Zachary’s face adorned with his eagle-eye expression as he proceeds to, knot-after-knot multi-coloured grey hued helium filled balloons. I can only imagine being; pink, blue, yellow, white or green colours cast to grey as the film captures one bonded bunch at a time to the ends of each individual dreadlock nearly reaching the length of our deeply abused Mother Earth. The Harlem air tenacious, holding the balloons with strong clear hands reaching around, pulling and whirling while Zachary remains the stationary statue. Repeating the same meaningful ritual until all balloons are tied to their respective tether.

To simply categorize this piece as Art is to say the very least! My interpretation of this piece is a statement of life, comprehension and empathy towards our fellow man.

I am beyond obsessed with the concept of time, measurement and the meaning it brings, to not only ourselves but also to the rest of the world. This is where the correlation comes in to play – measurement of hair, time and sacrifice. Something we as human beings should be a little more thoughtful of in our daily lives – a topic I know, myself, have take for granted from time-to-time.

One scene strikes a chord with my marrow; with all of the balloons tied to tips of their tethers, the gravity extremely evident. We as a society carry an immense amount of weight in our spirit. How much of it is really spent on something worthwhile with a strong message such as Zachary’s piece. The careful steps Zachary takes to climb the chair, balance himself, standing tall, to prepare his body to leap, ensuring the balloons fate of lifting. I will never assume that I know how anyone, of any culture, would feel about a specific event or person but I do comprehend this, for us as a society to really move forward with change, we must acknowledge the past. Think about, how long it took Zachary to grow his hair in the first place, then use an important forum to emancipate it all from his being? This is a human being whose work gives us pause to really focus on the importance of gratitude; a new born baby, finding the great love of your life, a strangers smile that saved your life all instances that take their time and place in our history. We all have one, what is yours? How will you pay tribute to your own personal trials and sacrifice? There really is illumination in the darkness, if you don’t believe me please look into Zachary’s work and the message of enlightenment he brings through his Art!

I present to you “Forget me not, as my tether is clipped” By Awe-inspiring Artist Zachary Fabri. If you are interested in reading more about Zachary, his residency and thoughtful Art movement, search no more than the end of this sentence.

 Zachary, thank you for being fearless and daring us to contemplate meaning in your every intended motion.   

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