Is it ok to re-post work without credit? Hell no!!!

When I first started CCIQ, well at least the review portion I had an important decision to make — do I simply post poems on my site and give proper credit or ask each individual poet for their permission to post directly on my site. I chose the latter and this is why, when it comes to posting someone\’s work especially another poets I literally have instant insight into their soul via what they write; which deserves proper respect.
The first thing that I was taught as early as elementary school was how to gather the necessary information in order to ensure a properly credited bibliography. There are so many modern day tales of plagiarism which frankly makes me sick to my stomach. When a poet shares their words with the public — they do not expect them to be stolen without proper acknowledgement. Even something as simple as a tag could bring attention to the
poet you are quoting. I feel sorrow filled when I ask poets to showcase their work and they say to me “can you please ensure to give me proper credit?” Now, in my heart there is no way in hell that I would quote or re-post someone\’s work without the necessary approvals. But, there is no way the poet could possibly know that – all they know is that someone loves their work and wants to review it for a poetry blog. God knows how many times they\’ve been burnt with someone else\’s embezzlement of their words. This is the kind of behaviour that drives poets away from sharing their work – the tragedy here is that we the public readers will suffer with lack of sharing original works.
I guess, what I am trying to say in my messed up way is if you can\’t figure out the words for yourself please don\’t steal someone else\’s. Please when you are re-posting work acknowledge the writer.
Happy Worlds Poets Day!!! 

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