R.I.P. Anthony Bourdain!

This morning while I was flipping through my poems, deciding which one I was going to post my husband said to me “Ran, Anthony Bourdain is dead, he committed suicide!” I could not believe it — my optics automatically started to overflow with tears. Even now, as I type its through a glossed over and wet mess. (Thank goodness I gave up wearing daily makeup – otherwise I’d look like a racoon right now.) I remember Anthony Bourdain from his first show on Food Network called A Cooks Tour.  I totally fell in love with it because, it was unlike anything that I’d ever seen.  He was opinionated and never afraid to share what thoughts were on his mind throughout the tapping of his shows – even if there was a backlash.  That takes a certain amount of guts to just not care and speak your mind – especially if its against something that is wrong. 

The news clearly stated without waffling around the subject that Anthony had killed himself.  Right there my heart completely broke.  I’m not unfamiliar with suicide, it is a horrible way to spend the last couple of hours of your life.  A life that may not be perfect, riddled with broken hearts but also with a certain amount of joy.  I don’t really know what to say at this point except… If you are feeling suicidal reach out to emergency services or call 911 in the US or Canada. Regardless what you’ve gone through in your life suicide is not the answer – yes, there are days when life sucks but for every day that is horrible there is another that will get you through it with extreme love and appreciation for things even the bad things that happen to you.

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