6 Book Cover Reveal by Rania M M Watts for Publication on March 31, 2023 with Melaris In Print

I am overjoyed to announce that I will be releasing 6 books on March 31, 2023, 3 new book releases and 3 second edition printings with Melaris In Print, Writer’s Quill. The new offerings which include Trajectory, a poetry book that explores being pushed to the limit in the truest comprehension of one’s personal understanding of themselves; foreword by Singer/Songwriter Tony Moore, Verity which explores human dialogues in the most idiosyncratically juxtaposed manner, and Broken Candy a tome devoted to resilience where all the proceeds will go to Advance & Bags of Love in the UK. The 3-second edition printings release are Cockroach Blueprint 213 Ways to Kill a Cockroach, which is an amended version of Cockroach Blueprint 101 Ways to Kill A Cockroach, this book offers over a hundred more killing methodologies, summer to summer d.n.i.w.e.r and explorative study through poetry and art, this poetry collection is based on the work of 12 artists, with a few pop up surprises in between. Lastly, Navigation which is a merge of Accordions & Moustaches, and Cement Covered Ink Quills & Rarities with new poems added. I’m looking forward to writing these three forthcoming books Like a Sick Twisted Drinking game to be co-authored with Luke Young, When the Venetian Masque Weeps foreword to be written by Luke Young, and Love, Hope, & Kinship with illustrated works by Mathematical Artist Teja Krasek.

Thank you so much to my Resident Artist, Valisa Bernardino for taking the time to craft the PHENOMENAL images on my covers!

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