Macuahuitl’s Hemorrhage: 14 Days of Bloody Valentine’s By Luke Young & Rania M M Watts Day 12: Blood Diamonds


It was a slow drip from the surface
Winding it’s way towards catacombs and caverns below
A stalactite formation representing real conflicts
Coagulating beneath tank treads and bullet casings
Where the earth sopped it up
Drinking it in like glass after glass of wine
Lubricating and freeing the tongue for ecstasy
Driving libidos onwards with perfumes of sulfur, carbon and potassium nitrate
Dilating pupils and engorging fleshy sex organs
The pulsing flesh on flesh brutality is the direct byproduct of
The gift
One meant to awe
Gorgeously pink
Having been harvested from the rock
Where it waited for a new home
A new finger
A new purpose
A new hunger
The best friend it will watch die like all the rest

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