Review, Instapoet

Last year around this time I was interviewed by Josh Dale of Thirty West Publishing House for the first time ever in my life I was asked; “How familiar are you with the terms “glancer/glancership”, “boo”, “she-poem/poet”, and “balling”? “  I had no idea what half of those things meant at all until I startedContinue reading “Review, Instapoet”

Interview, Bone Machine Book Co-Founder, Thom Young

Anyone, who follows my blog, knows that I am a huge fan of Poets/Writers and now publishing house owners of Bone Machine Books: Thom Young & Scott Laudati. I was fortunate enough to grab Thom’s attention for a couple of minutes – to scribe this interview for me.  Bottom line, Bone Machine Books has aContinue reading “Interview, Bone Machine Book Co-Founder, Thom Young”

Interview with Satirical Writer Thom Young

Thom Young is a writer who genuinely doesn\’t care what others think of him or his writing. A trait I completely envy — one of many facts that you will learn about Thom as you read my interview below.  Thom gives his honest perspective about life and writing through out this dialogue.  If you\’d like,Continue reading “Interview with Satirical Writer Thom Young”